Discord Protector

Global Ban Management

Every servers need to manage users, but some of them need to be ban.

If other servers ban them, why you don't ban it too ?

⏱ Stop wasting time !

With Discord Protector, you don't need to ban users. Every time a server who report a user, Discord Protector will check if this user need to be ban in your server ! (according to your settings)

👀 See User Behavior

With Discord Protector, you will see if some users have been report in other servers and what is the reason !

Spam / Offensive / Porn / Illegal Content

Why Choose Discord protector

😎 Simple & ⚡️Fast

We design our bot to be fast as possible across Discord servers and our interface is only powered by Discord embed messages.

💪 Trusted by 10+ Discord servers

Simple Subscription

🛡Free / month 😲

With our subscription, you can manage your settings with your needs.
If you want to edit your settings, you can subscribe to a VIP account (5 € / month).

Everything is secured and powered by Stripe.

Quentin Laffont

Developer & Community founder

“As community founder, I have created many Discord servers. When I ban someone, I'm not sure that he can't comback in another server.

Now I have the solution !”

Created with ♥️ by Quentin Laffont